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The Tizzano region

Tizzano is a small village in the commune of Sartène, with a small fishing port located 300 metres from the hotel, a lighthouse and a Genoese tower, vineyards and several wild, almost desert beaches. In addition to the transparent waters beach in front of the hotel, you can also access the coves of Barcaghju, Tradicettu and Cala Barbarina.

Tourist attractions

The Tizzano region is also highly renowned for the richness of its prehistoric sites:

  • The Paddaghju alignment, dating from 1900 to 1000 before Christ is the longest in the Mediterranean area with its 258 menhirs;
  • The Cauria site with the famous Funtanaccia dolmen, the best preserved on the island or the I stantari and Rinaghju alignments. Tizzano is a real paradise for scuba diving and also offers magnificent horse riding and hiking trails:
  • Hiking and mountain biking: several possible itineraries from the hotel (Littoral trail). Interactive kiosk and documents available at the reception desk.
  • Horse riding: The Santu Pultru ranch welcomes beginners and experienced riders for horseback riding tours in the surrounding area: beaches, menhirs, coves, etc.

Sartène and its surroundings

The city of Sartène, the most Corsican of the Corsican cities according to Prosper Mérimée, has a departmental museum of prehistory with the most important archaeological heritage resources of the island.
Known for its famous “CATENACCIU”, a Good Friday pilgrimage, Sartène becomes, every year, the scene of a fascinating procession that reproduces Christ’s passion. At 9pm, faithful and non-believers converged on Porta Square to see this timeless ceremony punctuated by the Perdono mio Dio chanted by the crowd.

Nearby, you can also discover:

  • The hot baths of the Caldane (30 min)
  • Propriano and its port (25 min).

A little further on

Less than an hour from the hotel, you will discover:

  • Bonifacio and its cliffs (50 min)
  • Porto-Vecchio with its port and beaches (1h10)
  • Alta Rocca and its villages in the heart of the Corsican mountain and the needles of Bavella (45 min).
  • On the road to Bonifacio, Roccapina Bay and its famous lion offer an exceptional view.